Samsung Has Decided Not To Use Plastic Materials For Packaging Its Products

Samsung is that smartphone company which always adopts new ways of selling its products to the customer, and now recent reports state that the company is ditching the old idea of packing its smartphones into plastic boxes. Samsung has decided not to use any plastic materials which are making the environment terrible. Now the company is going to use bioplastic or recycles plastic and papers to make their product more eco-friendly. There are millions of dollars which smartphone companies spent on production, but most of them care less about how they’re selling it to the customers. Samsung is that the company which now has decided to improve its environmental vision and that’s why now they’re not going to use any plastic materials to pack a smartphone. There are some sources which say that the company is trying to change the design of its smartphones also to fit them into new packaging boxes.

However, some people are saying that this move is just a publicity stunt from the company because in the old days Samsung has faced lots of criticism for not following any necessary environmental rules. There are many tech companies which are trying to get ahead of their competitors and to achieve that they will do anything and won’t even follow the environmental plans which are necessary for the whole worlds. But, it seems like Samsung has learned its lessons and now have taken this move which other companies hasn’t made. Samsung is losing its market share from the last couple of years because of the new smartphones companies, and it seems like this move of using greener packing might help the company.

However, many other tech companies which are still using the dangerous plastic material, for the packing purpose now might be getting worried.

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