Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks Hints at Three Variants

Recently, the EvLeaks posted an image of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone front side on the Twitter. This was the first leak of the Galaxy S10 device on the internet before the release of the smartphone. Now, the same twitter handle posted the image of the three devices, which are supposed to be the three variants of this smartphone. Being the accurate phone information and images leaker, the EvLeaks twitter account is known as the trusted in leaking the information about the smartphones. The three smartphones from the Samsung in this image hints at the different version of the smartphone with different configurations.

According to the experts, these three smartphones might be the Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10+. As of now, no one can know the meaning of “E” in the Galaxy S10E device, but some experts are claiming it to be the “Edge.” The S10 device might have the 5.8-inch display while the S10+ might jump to a massive 6.4-inch display. All of the three smartphones in the image have different camera alignment as the alleged S10E has the two-camera arrangement and the S10 and S10+ have the three-camera arrangement on the rear side.

The Tech enthusiasts are expecting a leak on the Foldable smartphone from the Samsung, but these three are not foldable according to the image. Even though they are not foldable, the company is going to launch a smartphone with a foldable display in the Mobile World Congress in next month. This is not the first leak regarding the upcoming S10 smartphone series. Recently, the information about the “Bright Night Mode” was leaked, which is the feature similar to the Night Sight in the Google Pixel smartphone cameras. There is no official statement from the company as they might launch these smartphones in the Mobile World Congress on 20th February 2019.

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