Samsung Galaxy S10 devices to come with Wifi 6 Standard

There is a lot of anticipation around the launch go Samsung Galaxy S10 devices as the flagships are coming near to their launch. According to the recent filings by the company, it is clear that the Galaxy S10 devices will be the first one with Wifi 6 standard. As per the regulatory filings from Samsung, it is clear that the three galaxy s10 series smartphones will host the Wifi 6 standard and will be the first smartphones to have the same. As of now, there are no Wifi 6 supported routers in the market, which renders this standard useless till the supported routers are launched.

Wifi 6 is the latest Wifi connectivity standards which support stable connectivity and faster upload and download speeds. As of now, there are no devices available in the market that support the Wifi 6, so the smartphone users have to wait till they hit the markets. The new wifi standard will be useful for the higher internet speeds, stable connectivity over the network which has multiple connected devices and improved battery consumption.

Samsung is preparing to launch Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, and Galaxy S10 Plus devices in the market by this month. In this month at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Samsung is expected to launch these devices with Snapdragon 855 chipset, Dual and Triple camera setup, and Wifi 6 standard. Being the future-proof smartphone with the Wifi 6, users will get an advantage over others when the Wifi 6 routers and other devices are released in the market. Not just the Wifi6, but these devices might have the 5G cellular connectivity support, which is the upgraded version of the 4G network which is now widely used worldwide.

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