Same thing not to get vaccinated!


The horrors of coronavirus are unknown. The new type of amicron corona has added to the panic. Various steps are being taken in the country to deal with corona. In addition, many countries are strengthening immunization programs. Some are giving booster doses. There is no substitute for hygiene and vaccination to prevent corona, it is proven. But even as a health worker, he did not get vaccinated, the eyes will be forehead to hear that! The man from Italy went to the vaccination center with a fake arm attached to his body so that the vaccinator could not inject the vaccine into his body. However, it did not last. He has caught himself trying to fool others.

The incident took place in the northern Italian city of Beila.

The news agency Reuters quoted local authorities as saying on Friday.

Regional Governor Alberto Sirio said the incident had been reported to police. This is a serious crime. In a Facebook post, Alberto Serio said that when someone is mutilated, fake limbs made of silicone are used. It looks a lot like the ‘real skinned’ arm. So that person thought, no one can catch the matter.

Governor Sirio said, “Suspicion was raised when the man went to the immunization center and was vaccinated. The vaccinator wants to see his whole hand. ‘Then the fake arm was caught.

The name of the person was not disclosed. He is said to be in his fifties.

However, the Italian news agency Ansa reported that the man was himself a health worker. He has already been suspended for refusing to be vaccinated. Coronavirus vaccination has been made mandatory for all health workers in Italy.

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