Russia will pay a heavy price if it invades Ukraine: Biden

Russia will pay a heavy price if it invades Ukraine: Biden


US President Joe Biden has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia will pay a “terrible price” if it invades Ukraine.

Biden made the remarks on Saturday, according to a Reuters report.

Biden told reporters he had made it clear to Putin that Russia would pay a “terrible price” if it invaded Ukraine. The country must face devastating economic consequences.

Biden spoke with Putin for about two hours last week. The talks came amid growing tensions between the United States and Russia over Ukraine.

“I have made it very clear to President Putin that if he were to move toward Ukraine, it would be catastrophic for his country’s economy,” Biden said.

Biden said he had made it clear to the Russian leader that Russia’s position in the world would change significantly in the event of an invasion of Ukraine.

However, Biden told reporters that the possibility of sending US troops to Ukraine in the event of a possible Russian attack was never discussed.

Kiev has accused Russia of deploying large numbers of troops along the border to invade Ukraine. The United States has made similar allegations.

Citing intelligence reports, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said Moscow may have planned a military strike by the end of January.

Biden has vowed to prevent a possible Russian aggression in Ukraine. He says he will make it very difficult for Russia to implement such a plan.

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