Rose cries for Jack

Rose cries for Jack


See you three years later. Hollywood actress Kate Winslet could no longer hold on to her old friend. Old friends are no more. Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.
That was in 1997. The couple made a splash in the minds of fans as a romantic couple in the blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’. Since then, fans have been a romantic couple, but in fact they are very good friends. Kate told the British media The Guardian that the actress could not hold back her tears after finding her old friend for a long time. Kate Winslet recently met Leonardo DiCaprio in Los Angeles.

Just as Corona took human lives, so did human relationships. Due to restrictions on long-distance travel, loved ones were not seen. That’s what happened to Kate Winslet. It took three years for this British actress to meet her dear friend.

‘I have known him for half my life. It’s not like I’m in New York or he’s in London. And we met at a dinner or coffee party. We could not leave our country. We missed each other so much because of Kovid, “said Kate Winslet. He added that Leonardo DiCaprio is his friend. Very close friend

In fact, Leo is a good friend of Kate. That friendship began during the shooting of the Titanic. Kate had said this in an earlier interview. “He is a very honest and responsible man,” she told People. He is my best friend. Was as a friend all the time. Not only was he a great friend to me, he was surrounded by everyone. When we work on the movie ‘Titanic’, many of the people of that time are still his friends. ‘

Leonardo DiCaprio is seen in the movie ‘Don’t Look Up’. In that film, he played the role of a scientist. And Kate Winslet will be seen in Titanic producer James Cameron’s Avatar Two.

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