Ronaldo in the United jersey again

Ronaldo’s transfer is being investigated


An investigation is under way into Juventus’ financial affairs and defections. Police went to the Juventus office on November 26. The operation was carried out by the police on allegations of financial irregularities. It has been alleged that irregularities have taken place in the number of party transfers between 2019 and 2021.

Meanwhile, the news agency Reuters reported that a new search warrant has been issued. The new order came as part of the 26th campaign. Cristiano Ronaldo’s defection is also being investigated in that investigation.

Ronaldo's Juventus-chapter did not go as expected

Ronaldo has returned from Juventus to Manchester United this season. Doing well back home. After scoring a pair of goals against Arsenal yesterday, he has scored 12 goals in 16 matches. United had to spend 15 million euros for this dream come true last August. With that, subject to some simple conditions, Juventus will get another 6 million Euros. At least such information was given to everyone during the transfer.

Italy’s financial police, however, are investigating the transfer. Their idea is that wrong information has been given in many party changes that took place between 2019 and 2021. Ronaldo is also expected to be part of the team. However, the club authorities said in a statement yesterday that everything has been done in compliance with the law and they are assisting the authorities in all matters.

Juventus, which has suffered financial losses due to Corona, has gone on to raise funds. They want to pay off the debt by raising 400 million euros by selling shares. Before releasing the shares, Juventus had to disclose the details of the club’s financial condition to potential investors. And that’s why the information about Ronaldo’s change of team is being scrutinized. Juventus have claimed that Ronaldo’s conditional sale for 23 million euros has cost the club 14 million euros. The club’s financial loss in the 2020–21 financial year stood at a record 21 million euros.

Exactly which part of Ronaldo’s defection is being investigated has not been disclosed.

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