The referee's wrong decision against Serbia could turn Ronaldo's World Cup dream gray

Ronaldo’s dream of the last World Cup is blocked by Italy


World Cup-winning German legend Lothar Mathews had hoped that both Italy and Portugal would be seen at the next World Cup. “A personality like Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t exist without the FIFA World Cup,” he said before the play-offs. The same is true of Italy. Had a great time at Inter Milan. As a result, the ajuris are always a part of my heart.

Who knew Matthews would be disappointed in this way? One team is the current Euro winner, the other team won the Euro in 2016. Whether he will be one of the two teams in Qatar World Cup. Italy and Portugal could not be the best in their group in the European region in the World Cup qualifiers. So their World Cup journey has been suspended till at least March. Today, the two teams got to know the rest of their journey in the play-off of the World Cup. With only one side of the playoffs, either team has a chance to advance to the World Cup.

Italy team in the festive atmosphere with the Euro title

The best teams in their respective groups have qualified for the World Cup in the European region qualifiers. The World Cup qualifiers will be held with two teams (Austria, Czech Republic) who have done well in 10 runners-up and Nations League but failed to make it to the World Cup. These 12 teams have been divided into three groups. One of the four teams in the division will be the first to reach the semifinals. And from there the two teams will go to the final. The winning team of the final will go to the World Cup. Thus, three out of three teams will go to Qatar World cup.

The play-off draw at FIFA headquarters in Zurich featured six teams: Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Wales. Selected teams were Turkey, Poland, Northern Macedonia, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic. The teams are getting the opportunity to play in all the home fields as an advantage of being selected.

The relatively easy way to Wales

Scotland will play in the semi-finals in the first half. Wales will play in the other semi-final of this division. On the other hand, Russia has emerged as a selection team. Sweden has emerged as the other selection team in that division. And it has been confirmed that Italy and Portugal will be the two selection teams in the third part. And leaving only one team from this part means Ronaldo’s or Mancini’s team is burning their foreheads.

Italy did not play in the 2018 World Cup. Coach Roberto Mancini has won the Euros this time over Italy. Has set a world record for being unbeaten. But Mancini is also disappointed with his place in the World Cup. Italy could not stay at the top of the group despite the favorable conditions. Once again, the team found Portugal, full of great stars, as their opponents.

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