‘Ronaldo should be dropped from United XI’


The son of the house has returned home. This time everything will change.

Manchester United fans are hoping to see Cristiano Ronaldo return to Old Trafford. Many football experts and pundits have predicted that United will be the big contenders for the league title this season. But many of those experts and former players are now saying, Ronaldo is the big problem for United!

A few days ago, former Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahoro said that if United coach Ralph Rangnik has a strong heart, then Ronaldo should be dropped in the next match! Former England forward and Sky Sports football expert Paul Marsen also said that if United wanted to finish the season in the top four, then Ronaldo should be dropped from the XI!

How logical is the word, let’s take the help of statistics to find the answer.

Ronaldo has played 20 matches for Manchester United in the Premier League and Champions League this season. 15 in the league, 5 in the Champions League. He has scored 6 goals and scored 3 goals in the league. He has scored 6 goals in the Champions League. That means 14 goals in 20 matches.

For those who have seen Ronaldo in his best form, this may not seem like an awkward statistic. But remember, Ronaldo is now 36 years old. Even at this age, he does not seem to be far behind the other famous strikers in Europe.

Even then, various questions are being raised about Ronaldo. Especially after watching Manchester United’s performance in the Premier League. Looking at the league’s points list after Saturday night’s matches, it is seen that United is at number 7 with 31 points in 16 matches. Ronaldo was in the starting XI in 13 of the 15 matches in the league, substituted in 2 matches. Out of these 15 matches, United has won 6 matches, drawn 3 matches and lost the remaining 5 matches. It is noteworthy that Ronaldo has scored in all the six matches that United have won. United have not won a match without a Portuguese winger’s goal. The strange thing is, why are the experts still talking!

After the match against Newcastle on 28 December, Gabriel Agbonlaho argued that Ronaldo was only worried about scoring his own goal. He has no idea how the team played. “I think Ronaldo is only worried about getting his own goal,” Agvanlahore said. Throughout the match, Ronaldo turned his face black. He was repeatedly expressing frustration that he was not getting the opportunity. Even after the match, he left the field with a sullen face. I think he was like that even when he went to the dressing room. ‘

“Rashford and Greenwood’s form has fallen since Ronaldo’s arrival,” he argued. They cannot express themselves. “It simply came to our notice then that Ronaldo had to pass.

The same is true of Paul Marson’s criticism of the five-time Ballon d’Or-winning Portuguese forward. Former England forward Marson, who played for Arsenal from 1985 to 1996, also feels that giving the United XI a place in the XI is upsetting the balance.

In an interview with The Sun, Marson said: “Speaking of the United team, I think Ronaldo should be dropped from the XI. I know it won’t happen, but Edinson Cavani should play in his place, along with Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood. “

“There is something wrong with the team,” he said. I think there is a lot going on behind the scenes, which is not good for them (United). “

“If this continues, it will not be possible for United to play in the Champions League next season from the top four,” said Marson. I don’t think they can finish the season in the top four. Many of them are seen behind at the moment. If they can be in the top four somehow, then they have a great season. ‘

Ronaldo himself, however, expressed frustration over United’s performance in a post on Instagram on New Year’s Eve, saying, “I am not happy with our achievement at United. None of us are happy, I’m sure. We know we have to work harder, we have to play better, we have to achieve something bigger. “

But there is a difference between criticizing oneself and hearing criticism from others. Especially if someone else puts all the blame on him for the poor performance of the team, it is not to be liked by Ronaldo.
And if you don’t like something, Ronaldo has already shown how to respond to it on the field. If you can give again, the United fans will be happiest.

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