Cristiano Ronaldo with two bodyguards

Ronaldo is the bodyguard of twin brothers who fought in Afghanistan


Tough popularity does not always bring a pleasant experience. The stars also have to face many unforeseen events. In addition to avoiding the hassle of catching the fans, the issue of safety is always paramount. check out Alina Kim, she is a TikTok star based in Kazakhstan

So the stars have to choose the bodyguard. Cristiano Ronaldo has chosen twin brothers who fought in Afghanistan as his bodyguards.

There is nothing new to say about Ronaldo’s popularity. The Manchester United star has the most followers on Instagram. The Portuguese star, who plays Spanish, English and Italian football, and his twin brothers are in charge of the safety of his family. They fought in Afghanistan as members of the elite force.

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United last August. He then appointed two of them as bodyguards. The two bodyguards were spotted with Ronaldo as he flew to Switzerland to play in a Champions League match in September.
Earlier this month, Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave a party for his daughter Alana Martina’s birthday.

Ronaldo was followed by two bodyguards on his way to practice

The media has been reporting the identities of these two bodyguards for so long. The two brothers were members of the Portuguese police before going to war in Afghanistan. They were in charge of the security of judges and politicians while they were in the police.

According to the Portuguese celebrity magazine Flush, Sergio and George have another brother. All three were born at the same time. Ronaldo’s two bodyguards were asked by the Portuguese police to go on unpaid leave. If they have any other goal, the police department has asked them to pay attention to it. After that Ronaldo’s two brothers got the call.

The other brother of Sergio and George is named Alexandre Ramaleiro. According to media reports, he is still working in the police. A source told local media, “Sergio and Jorge wear elite clothes. Although looking at them seems normal. Can blend into the crowd.

Ronaldo has recently strengthened his security

Ronaldo has recently strengthened his security. Ronaldo has already heard that he has become a ‘target’ of criminal gangs.

Ronaldo’s current twin bodyguards crossed the school and joined the military. The two also served as members of an elite force called the Commandos. The three brothers who were under the colonel are now ex. The former colonel had earlier told the Portuguese media that “they are very strong mentally and physically.”

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