Ronaldo is in trouble again

Ronaldo is fighting against the New York Times for not leaking 200 documents of rape case


Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape case is not going to end the trouble!

Ronaldo was acquitted in a US court last October in a rape case. But the 36-year-old Portuguese forward’s rape case is thought to have ended there, but in reality it is not. Following the investigative report of the famous English sports daily The Athletic, the rape case was re-headlined.

In the latest news, the famous New York Times is trying to release the documents of the rape case. The Athletic writes that the New York Times has requested permission to view the case file in the possession of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD). But Ronaldo doesn’t want that to happen, according to The Athletics. That’s why the Manchester United forward is fighting against the New York Times.

Ronaldo’s allegations of rape came to the fore in 2016 after a report in the German magazine Der Spiegel. At the time, Der Spiegel had leveled allegations of rape against Ronaldo, based on documents obtained from football leaks that leaked secret documents to the football world.

The allegation is that Ronaldo raped a model named Katherine Mayorga in 2009 at a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It was only then that Ronaldo was confirmed to move from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo has always denied allegations of rape. However, according to documents leaked by Football Leaks, Der Spiegel reported that Ronaldo had secretly paid Mayorga ৩ 375,000 to cover up the rape allegations. The purpose is to prevent Mayorga from suing Las Vegas police.

But after the leaked documents of Football Leaks in 2016, the case came up for discussion again. Mayorgao then tried to cancel the previous agreement. He claimed that he had been forced to agree to the terms of the 2009 agreement. Leslie Stoval, the mayor’s legal counsel, then contacted Football Leaks and collected “secret documents”. Stoval sent them to Las Vegas police.

But despite the reopening of the case, Ronaldo’s verdict was handed down by the region’s magistrate, Judge Daniel Albergats, in October. Lawyers for the Portuguese forward argued that the mayor’s lawyer’s allegations were based solely on some theft paper.

But those 200 secret documents are now the main reason for the fight between Ronaldo and the New York Times. Earlier this year, the New York Times requested that the documents be made public. They argued that the Nevada Public Records Act has a legal obligation to make these documents public.

Las Vegas police then informed Ronaldo’s lawyer in writing last November that they were going to release the documents. According to the English daily The Athletics, Ronaldo’s lawyers returned to the Las Vegas police on the same day.

The Athletics contacted Las Vegas police about whether the documents would be released to the New York Times, but received no response. According to the English newspaper, the New York Times has fought many times before to disclose the information held by various government agencies in the United States.

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