Ripple Donates 2 Million Dollars To Kansas University For Development of CryptoCurrency And Related Platforms

Cryptocurrency has always been a topic of discussion among investors and entrepreneurs because of its unique structure. However, according to recent reports Ripple which is a silicon valley based tech company has decided to donate $2 million to the University of Kansas. Reports show that the company will be giving each year a sum of $40000 for a period of five years to the University of Kansas. There are some initiatives which Ripple is taking to promote platforms of Cryptocurrency. If we look into the current situation, then it shows that the present environment of cryptocurrency is not suitable for investors of cryptocurrency since prices of bitcoin have been dropped by more than 80%. From last one year, all crypto investors are going through a panic situation, but it seems like Ripple has taken the necessary initiative to make Cryptocurrency great again.

The above mentioned donated money is going to information and telecommunication technology center at the Kansas school of engineering. The University of Kansas will decide topics of research which they think are necessary to improve the platform of Cryptocurrency. On the other hand, Ripple will help students and faculty members to provide essential resources to discover new aspects of Cryptocurrency. The company has also decided to help KU blockchain institute which is famous for promoting the use of blockchain technology platforms. There are some organizations which believe that blockchain technology is useful for many ways and it seems like companies like Ripple will help them to promote this platform. Currently, the government is trying to implement some regulations on Cryptocurrency and related platforms because they think it’s necessary to regulate such technologies due to which investors from the crypto market are getting worried about future of this industry.

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