Rideable Olive Robotics Suitcase Follows You Around Like R2-D2

Iranian startup IKAP Robotics, developed R2D2 lookalike intelligent suitcase, that follows you around without running into things as it uses its 3D vision sensor.
Equipped with NFC technology, digital lock control and two-wheel self-balancing system, Olive Robotics suitcase makes travelling experience easy. Rideable Olive suitcase can also be used for personal transportation, much like Segway.

Olive Robotics suitcase is powered by 10,000 mAh battery, supports USB port for charging mobile devices and has integrated location tracking technology. Through the Olive app, travellers can communicate with the suitcase, as well as navigate current position on a map, control its self-locking system or determine its current weight.


Caption: Iran’s startup IKAP Robotics winning The STARTUP WORLD Award at AUTOMATICA 2016, (Photo© Automatica)

Despite success at the AUTOMATICA 2016 trade fair, IKAP Robotics is still struggling to get traction.”We are currently looking for new opportunities for investment and collaboration for our products development and manufacturing,” the company said.

Source: Automatica,IKAP Robotics