Review: Airwheel C5 Smart Helmet

Airwheel, the company famed for inventing self-balancing unicycles among other ridables, has developed a lightweight smart helmet that has a slew of useful integrated features. Established in 2004, Airwheel’s research and development over the years has led to a variety of interesting products including an electric scooter that folds up small enough to be put in a backpack, numerous models of seated and standing self-balancing scooters, electric unicycles of course, and now a smart helmet that rivals any others currently on the market.

Airwheel C5 helmet review

Caption: Airwheel© C5 smart helmet


The Airwheel C5 smart helmet is kind of like a cross between a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones, a GoPro, and a skateboarding helmet. It has an integrated high definition camera capable of capturing 2K resolution video and photos. The camera segment is situated on a removable band across the top of the helmet. There are buttons on side of the helmet for capturing photos, taking video, activating Bluetooth, volume control, music play, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The 128GB internal memory of the helmet offers riders plenty of storage space for photo and video capturing while riding and more.


The Airwheel C5 connects with your smart phone through Bluetooth and pairs through Airwheel’s companion app. Through the proprietary app, users can access their photos and videos, adjust settings, and more. The adjustable helmet’s 2,000mAh battery is good enough to last bikers and cruisers through an entire day of cycling or extreme sports.

If you do a Google search for Airwheel, you’ll find dozens of articles that appear to be posted on Western news websites and other seemingly official media outlets. You may notice something odd about them though. They are all written by non-native speakers, probably employees at one of Airwheel’s headquarters in China. There are so many of the articles that they have actually inundated Google’s search results for “Airwheel C5 smart helmet.” In spite of this unusual marketing approach, the Airwheel C5 is currently available now from online retailers such as [easyazon_link identifier=”B01IXOK47S” locale=”US” tag=”dailyhover-20″]Amazon for $200[/easyazon_link].

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