Researchers Found a Scottish Women Who Experience No Pain Due to Unique Genetic Mutation

Usually, it pains while taking an injection. But an old woman has not experienced pain through-out her life. She led a virtually pain-free life due to a rare genetic variation. Researchers in the UK have found Jo Cameron’s, 71, the superhuman. Her outstanding potentials are down to previously genetic mutation. The instance, published in the British Journal of Anesthesia, could assist people for recovering from pain. The Scottish woman has broken bones, skin burns, and also undergone surgery without experiencing any pain.

Dr. Devjit Srivastava diagnosed Jo with pain insensitivity. At the time, she was in the mid-60s, when the doctor was taking her care at the Raigmore Hospital in Scotland. Dr. Devjit, a consultant in anesthesia and pain medicine, was shocked when Jo reported about painlessness. Even more, she did not experience any pain before and after the operation, and she didn’t require any painkillers. At the time, Jo underwent two major surgeries –a hip replacement and osteoarthritis operation. Both times, she reported minimal or no pain after operations. She never required painkillers after having a multiple varicose vein problem and oral care.

Thus to discover the secret of the unusual condition, Jo was introduced to pain geneticists at the University College London and Oxford. After studying her genes, researchers revealed two mutations liable for the state. Mainly, FAAH, a gene responsible for sense pain, mood and memory, emerged. One of the modifications seems to judge FAAH feeling, while the other regulates the FAAH enzyme. Dr. James Cox, from the UCL medicine and one of the research’s lead scientist, said they found the old lady in a unique genetic constitution. It reduces the activity of a gene which already notifies pain. Many patients healing from surgery still experience moderate or severe pain, despite advanced painkillers. Thus the researchers expect Mrs. Jo will help them to develop some new painkillers.

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