According to fresh forecasts published in the New England Journal of Medicine, ten years from now, nearly half of people in the United States will be obese. Right now, about 40% of American adults are overweight, and around 20% are highly obese. This model study, which is led by Harvard health researchers, seeks to give the most accurate forecasts of the country’s obesity widespread, which is growing at a higher rate.

For this learning, the researchers have made specific categories for weights to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index). It is defined as weight in kgs divided by height squared in meters. People with a BMI below 25 are taken as average weight or underweight. Age groups 25 years to 30 years are considered overweight, and the category in 30 years to 35 years is considered moderately obese. All people above 35 or more are considered severely obese. To model these predictions, researchers extracted a nationwide representative sample of 6 million people. This information was gathered from more than 20 years of data. However, unlike previous predictions that attempted to predict the epidemic trend of obesity, the new analysis attempts to make up for the shortcomings of the collected data. That is why weight information is mostly collected in telephone surveys nationwide and tends to underestimate its actual weight. The researchers used the accustomed dates to model the predictions. Although the overall situation is weak, some population and state forecasts are particularly worrying. For example, obesity rates in Arkansas, Alabama, West Virginia, and Oklahoma are expected to approach 60% in ten years from now.

Researchers report that by 2030, severe obesity will be the most shared BMI category among women, non-Hispanic black adults, and adults in low-income households (under $ 50,000). The data suggest that doctors should address better and treat obesity because it poses a range of health risks. These risks are an increased risk of stroke, type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, certain cancers, osteoarthritis and all-cause mortality.

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