Reasons that Make Apple better than Android

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Being the trendsetters in the market of smart devices, Samsung and Apple have left their imprints with their new technology and innovative gadgets. Especially Apple has brought up a culture where clients surround its product release as fanatics come to anticipate annual announcements. It continuously experiments with innovative ideas in its devices. For example, new iPad have no headphone jack. It is, then, no surprise that it has a huge market that is dedicated to buying its items and updating them along the way. When top brands such as Google, Apple, and Samsung go together and launch different models that come with pro features and cheaper prices, one begins to question which of the two is the best choice. Apple possesses a 56% market share in US smartphone sales. Following are some of the reasons that make Apple a better choice than Android.

1: Apple Devices are in Sync with One Another

The first thing that makes Apple a better option is that all of its items are in sync with one another. What that means is that whether you have an iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, or MacBook, your contacts and data always remains with you when you connect through iCloud. And if there is any change, it will instantly sync across devices. Moreover, you can even send messages on one device and pick them up on another where you left them.

2: iPhones are Easy to Use

Despite the popular notion that Android is user-friendly, iPhones are much better options when it comes to attracting and retaining clients since the feel and look of Apple devices have not been the same over the years. No matter whether you are a new user who wants to switch or an old user who wants to return to your iPhone, you can navigate through the Tips app with ease. This app helps users go through new features easily.

3: Strict Security and Privacy Policies

In an average US household, more than ten devices are connected. Given this situation, security and privacy have become a big concern. What can be stronger evidence of Apple committing to a secure and private operating system that it refused to cooperate with the FBI’s request for a backdoor? In addition to this, biometric security such as Touch ID and Face ID, built-in password manager, and encryption for iMessage make Apple devices extremely safe and secure.

4: They Get New Applications First

Another reason that makes Apple better than Android is that their devices get new applications first. Since Apple is known for its fast and versatile operating systems and had a huge market share, it is the first priority of developers to launch their high-end games and apps first on Apple devices and then on Android. Besides that, Ios functions on consistent hardware. On the other hand, Android comes in several versions and iterations depending on the phone. This can also be a hurdle for developers to publish their apps on Android.

Customers know that Apple is famous for its thorough and secure screening process. Although Apple receives criticism for its stringent App Store policies, the “walled garden” makes sure that the app you are using must be trustworthy.

5: No Extra Baggage

When you activate a new device, it is usual to see iPads and iPhones have fewer built-in apps than Android phones whose stock apps are sufficient to dwell on three menu pages. They are also known as bloatware. They eat up several gigabytes of internal space. On the other hand, Apple devices accompany only a handful of applications leaving it to the customers to rearrange, delete or add new ones with comfort and ease. So, Apple phones unlike Androids don’t come with the extra baggage of apps.

6: Unique Interface

Last but not the least, Apple has its own unique interface. While it is Google that runs most of the Samsung devices through partnership and acquisition. Apple possesses its own interface in the form of Apple ID, iTunes, Apple TV, App Store, iCloud, and many more. Due to this, they don’t need to join hands with any other company like Android to make their devices better. This is also a reason why Apple devices are better than Android.

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