Reaper android game: Tale of a Pale Swordsman

Reaper android game: Tale of a Pale Swordsman


Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman can be introduced as a video game application that has been developed by Czech Based Studio Hexage. This is an action role playing game that only comes with the single player mode. The game supports many kinds of platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, IOS, Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry 10, and OUYA. The game application has won over 5 million hearts around the world, and this seems it is quite famous among game players. 

Most of the game players love to play popular games such as Ninja games, Action games, challenging games with adventures since they are popular as well as interesting. Reaper is also can be put in to the category of this.

You can install this game on any Android and Android TV box using your default app store which is Google play store. If you are unable to install this game on your Android using default app store you can use AC Market for Android phones and Filelinked or Aptoide TV for Android TV boxes.

Features of the game play

  • Reaper comes with different levels, unique environments, and many more. There are specific obstacles, enemies, and challenges for each level. All you have to do is win the obstacles using your skills and get more coins.
  • This Reaper game can be introduced as a Carrier since you have to win the game level by level.
  • You can improve the skills of the character by playing the game continuously. You will be provided different kinds of weapons with different powers and unique abilities. You can kill or defeat enemies by rolling down or jumping. You will face many strong enemies with different strength levels, and attacking them will give you coins. By coins, you can upgrade your role to the next level. At first, you will be given enemies with less strength but don’t give up since the strongest enemies are yet to come. Enemies will throw your fireballs and attack you with weapons. But you should always be careful when fighting with them. Do not ever make yourself a victim. Use your skills bravely. The more you fight, the more you earn coins.
  • You will be rewarded with coins for defeating enemies. The bigger and the stronger the enemies are, the more coins you will afford. The coins will be given for achievements. 
  • Through using coins, you can purchase weapons, powers, and outfits. This is very interesting since everybody loves to give the fighter a better look after he gets tired of defeating his enemies. Well, this part is for you. Earn more coins, purchase more outfits. The wardrobe is yours. There are many powers you can purchase. The powers will help you bravely defeat your enemies. The weapons are also the same. These weapons will help you to kill your enemies with less work.

Plot of the Game

The general plot of the game is a story of a pale swordsman. You can play the game according to your conditions, and there’s no one to bother about the way you play. You can defeat enemies according to your own playing style.

You can play this game using your mobile phone, tablet, and as well as Android TV. You better use a game controller when playing it on your Android TV.


Premium Version of the game play

You will only be provided 10 levels of the game character to play. But if you are willing to continue, you should purchase the game application. You will be provided plans from $0.99 to $5.99. You can choose any of them and unlock the other levels of the game play.

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