Real’s opponents asked Benzema to take leave


Real Madrid’s points gap with the two teams in La Liga narrowed to 5 last night. Sevilla secured their place in second place by beating Atletico Madrid 2-1. Real is getting a chance to increase the gap again tonight. The top team of the league will take the field against Cadiz in Bernabeu today at 2 pm Bangladesh time.

Luca Madrich will not play in this match. Real’s right side has also been emptied due to injuries and corona. Three wingers Gareth Bale, Rodrigo and Asensio attacked Corona. Rightback Dani Carvajal is injured. Real were also worried about Karim Benzema. However, tomorrow coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that Benzema will come down today. However, Cিজdiz has requested Benzema to take leave in today’s match.

Real is in great form after winning 10 matches in a row. Meanwhile, Kadiz is unbeaten for four consecutive matches in the league. It is important for Cadiz, who is in a state of decline, to win today. If the team wins today, it will be out of the relegation zone. In such a match, if the opponent does not have the best player, then they have the advantage. Cadiz can only ask Benzema to take leave.

Where did you make the request? Going to Real Madrid’s tweet! Today marks the 34th anniversary of Benzema. He was greeted by Real Madrid’s Twitter account. The post reads, “Happy birthday Benzema, she turned 34 today.” Immediately re-tweeted. In addition to wishing Benzema well, they also made a request, ‘Happy birthday Benzema. Take a day off today and celebrate birthdays with family and friends. Tell me why you need to go to work today! ‘

Not going to work does not mean playing! And not playing Benzema means that Cadiz’s chances of getting something from this match will increase at least on paper!

Benzema is in great rhythm this season. He has scored 13 goals in 18 matches in the league and scored 6 goals with his teammates. He also scored 5 goals in 5 matches in the Champions League and scored another goal. Coach Ancelotti is not daring to go without him. On top of that, where the real coach will not get many of the key players of the XI today due to injuries and corona!

Benzema was dropped from the Madrid derby last week before fully recovering from an injury. Despite scoring a goal, Benzema got up at the end of the first half. Then the possibility arose that he would not be against Qadiz. But Ancelotti said yesterday that Benzema is playing today.

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