Ranking The Top 10 States With The Most Strict Gun Laws In The US


The United States has pretty relaxed gun laws compared to other developed countries. As a result, it’s the topic of discussion in most lobbies and congress meetings.If you want to build a firearm, you should visit https://www.80percentarms.com/ar-15-80-lower-receivers/ to buy your next 80 lower receivers. Following are the ten states ranked according to their gun laws and their strictness.

1. California

The most happening place in the US also has the strictest gun laws in the country. It is also the only state that requires microstamping of all your firearms. Previously, the state was known as the most dangerous to live in, but strict gun laws have had a positive affect on California. 

2. Hawaii

You must be 21 to legally own a firearm in Hawaii, making it one of the toughest states to own a gun. The state is ranked 50th in gun-related incidents and, as a result, one of the safest in the country.

3. NewYork

The big apple has seen its fair share of violence over the years, but it has become one of the stricter states regarding owning a gun. It’s the first state to scrutinize the manufacturers and dealers along with buyers. New York is ranked 46th among all US states for gun violence. 

4. Massachusetts

It is one of two states that require an owner to keep the firearm in locked storage. As a result, the state is ranked 49thfor gun deaths and is one of the few states with low gun ownership. 

5. Connecticut

Ranked 45thin the US for gun-related deaths, the state has a complete ban on owning an assault rifle or other high-powered weapons.

6. Illinois

Although the state has strict gun laws, it still sees a higher number of gun deaths. Almost 14.1 gun deaths in 100,000 people are observed annually in the state. The state is ranked 27th when it comes to gun deaths. 

7. Maryland

Recent changes in the state’s gun laws make it difficult to own shotguns and rifles. Strict background checks and documentation are required to own a gun legally. The state ranks 33rd for gun deaths.

8. New-Jersey

You must produce a permit when buying a gun in this state. Similarly, acquiring a permit requires a background check; otherwise, you cannot legally own a firearm in New Jersey.

9. Washington

The capital state just recently passed a bill where a background check is mandatory to own a gun. However, you can carry an assault rifle in public, making it one of the relaxed states in this aspect.

10. Colorado

Like Washington, Colorado has just recently made it necessary to run a background check on potential new gun owners. The state ranks 22nd when it comes to gun-related deaths.

These states with strict gun laws have seen their share of gun violence over the years and have learned the hard way that gun laws are necessary to prevent criminal and unwanted activities. So if you live in one of these states, please check the local laws before buying a firearm.

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