Public Education? We Have Our Heads In The Sand


It become pliny the elder, a naturalist and suitable buddy to the roman emperor vespasian, who is probably maximum responsible for the idea that ostriches hide their heads within the sand whilst they’re faced by way of an unavoidable hazard. It is all mythical. Ostriches don’t absolutely do this however humans do. Are the mother and father who send their youngsters to considered one of ninety nine,000 american public faculties sticking their heads in the sand? Are they unaware of what is going on inside the public colleges or are they in denial? Are people getting the nice bang from their dollar or are they flushing after they pay taxes totaling a mean of $10,500 consistent with pupil? Here inside the country of georgia the excessive college commencement charges hovered near 80% until a new components become introduced that found out a greater correct assessment.

The new system divides the quantity of graduates in a given yr by way of the wide variety of students who enrolled four years in advance. Georgia’s graduation fee dropped to 67. Four%. In columbus, georgia’s 2nd largest city by population, the commencement rate computed below 50% in two of the towns eight high faculties. Commencement fees within the atlanta vicinity also plummeted underneath the new formula. Gwinnett county dropped from 83. 7% to sixty seven. 5%. Fulton county dropped from eighty five. 9% to 70. 1% and atlanta city colleges dropped from 68. 2% to 51. 9%. Are you able to imagine any business enterprise working at a 50% production rate? Can you believe the u. S. Government investing billions of bucks in a company whose fulfillment rate is most effective 50% to 60%? If you wanted a coronary heart surgeon would you pick one with a 50% achievement fee? Will we fee our youngsters? We want to drag our heads from the sand.

The sixty seven% georgia commencement fee is unacceptable. Academia is only half of the hassle. Recent data released via the signs of faculty crime and protection file display that there have been 1,183,seven hundred violent crimes in the 2009-2010 school year. A number of the violent crimes measured have been physical assault with or without guns, robbery without or with weapons and rape. Seventy four% of public faculties have been the scene of a violent crime in 2009-2010. Amazingly, at the same time as the college systems said 1. 2 million violent crimes there had been most effective 905,000 violent crimes committed on the streets of the us. Many big city public colleges document an arrest day by day. If the mother and father of public college kids might pull their heads from the sand they would be taken aback to comprehend that some public faculties are extra risky than the streets of our country’s cities.

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