Properties Of Rose Quartz Crystal


Wearing crystals as jewelry pieces are one of the best ways to get maximum benefits from their healing properties. Rose quartz crystal with a soft rose pink color is a top favorite among crystal enthusiasts because of its wide availability and soft and beautiful appearance. People often associate pink color with love, and the pink rose quartz crystal is no different. It is also known as a heart stone and represents an unconditional and universal form of love. Being a heart stone, a rose quartz necklace keeps the crystal close to your heart and in its most potent form.

Healing Properties Of Rose Quartz Crystal

If you are wondering what a rose quartz crystal does, you would be surprised to know its healing properties. Being a heart stone, rose quartz crystal can heal your heart physically and emotionally. In addition, there are several benefits of wearing rose quartz necklaces. 

Physical Healing 

A genuine rose quartz necklace has physical healing properties. It can clear and open your heart, aid blood circulation and reduce the chances of a heart attack. Another benefit of roe quartz in physical healing is for pregnant ladies. With feminine energy, a rose quartz crystal necklace keeps the mother and the child safe and healthy throughout the pregnancy. Even after the child’s birth, the heart stone creates a deep bond between the mother and child.

Emotional Healing

Being connected to the heart chakra, rose quartz has abilities to heal your heart from any mental or emotional stress. A rose quartz necklace can be your savior if you have undergone some trauma or are dealing with issues in your relationships. The healing properties of rose quartz will open your heart and clears out any stress, pain, or negative energies. It will also increase the compassion and love within your heart for yourself and others in your life. 

Cleansing Your Rose Quartz Necklace

Crystals tend to store the energies of people using them and their surroundings. The crystal you buy may have been in contact with several people before coming to you and holds all of their energy, negative or positive. Those energies will either be harmful to you or not be of any use, which is why you must cleanse your rose quartz necklace before wearing it. When you start wearing your necklace, cleansing it frequently is a good idea. There are a few ways to cleanse your rose quartz necklace. Some of them include:

  • You can put the rose quartz out on the whole moon night.
  • You can bury the chain in the ground, and the earth will absorb all the negative energies from your quartz.
  • Cleaning the quartz in rainwater also helps. For recharging the rose quartz, submerge it in salt water for 24-48 hours.
  • Other methods include smudging the quartz with palo santo or sage stick or using a cleansing crystal like a selenite tower.


A rose quartz necklace’s healing properties can be beneficial for maintaining your heart health and increasing love and compassion in your life. It helps remove the negative energy from your heart and brings a sense of self-love.

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