President Trump Is Trying To Strike A New Trade Deal With Japan And India

The G-20 summit is going on, and many top countries leaders have shared the stage to talk about international trade tensions, which is increasing from last few months. It’s been observed that president Trump is trying to get along with Japan’s President Shinzo Abe during this whole summit. At the summit, president trump met with Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe and discussed trade deals with Japan. Recently Japan has made a good amount of investment in the US, and Trump has appreciated this decision of Shinzo Abe.

However, there is still some area where both of these countries don’t agree to certain trade conditions, and Trump thinks they can improve this situation. Japan’s president Shinzo Abe is the host of this G-20 summit, and while addressing group leaders, he said that current international trade situation worries him a lot. Trump also met India’s prime minister Narendra Modi and talked about future trade deals with India.

Recently India decided to put tariffs on American goods and services as a counter-attack to Trump’s decision of removing India from a group of developing nations eligible for preferential tariffs. Even though Trump did not discuss the disagreement of US-India with prime minister Narendra Modi, he has indeed said that the situation with India is going to improve. Trump-Abe-Modi were those three leaders who came together and promised that there would be more trade deals in future. However, one thing which everyone is expecting how US-China is going to solve their trade tension. Both countries officials are going to have a trade talk at this summit and expert think something positive might come out of it. Trump has already cleared his intentions regarding China in which he said that there is not going to have any trade talks unless China agrees to all conditions.

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