Presence of oxygen has been spotted into the universe

Presence of oxygen has been spotted in the universe. Scientists have suggested that formation of oxygen is the whole new process different from what we are considering.

Scientists have claimed that the newly discovered oxygen is different and its formation will change our views on the creation of universe and stars. The galaxy is an age of more than 500 million years, at the age, now it contains some of the mature stars. These starts suggest their age as 250 million years after the universe begun itself.

The big bang removed all the oxygen from the universe until the formation of first star in-universe. This discovery of oxygen was an unexpected thing. Scientists explained this discovery to be important for explaining and understanding the origin of the universe and birth of life on the planet along with technical exploration.

Takuya Hashimoto, the lead author of research which was published in the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the journal Nature and a researcher at Osaka Sangyo University said that this discovery made me happy as it will help to predict the more accurate birth of the planet. Age of these formed stars questioned about the age of the first galaxy emerged from the complete darkness which made the universe.

Determining the time and duration of the cosmic dawn which is quite similar to the Holy Grail of cosmology and galaxy formation, said Richard Ellis, senior astronomer at UCL and co-author of the paper. These observations of MACS1149-JD1 are leading to a discovery of the birth of starlight.

The number of mature stars in MACS1149-JD1 states that process of reforming these stars was started long back in the days when we didn’t have enough strong telescopes to observe these developments, said Nicolas Laporte, one of the lead researchers of the study.

The study also suggested that formation of the galaxy is since long back from when it was hard to see it and formation of the galaxy and stars are mysterious.