Pictures from NASA Reveal Existence of Ancient Rivers on Mars

Once upon a time, Rivers on Mars were more extensive than the rives found on Earth today. Mars may seem like a dessert now, but NASA’s rover has revealed that the Red Planet once had rich sources of water. According to a new study, Mars had large lakes long after the planet lost most of its atmosphere to space. Scientists believe that the rivers on Mars existed more recently than thought. A new study published in the Journal of Science Advances classifies those rivers. It reveals that waters probably flowed massively well into the last era before the planet totally ran dry. As per researchers, mars had a thin layer of atmosphere, which disappeared completely 3.7 billion years ago.

The images collected during NASA’s Mars-orbiting mission reveals that the planet once hosted large rivers. They were two times bigger and broader than any of the Earth’s river. The deep riverbeds engraved into the surface evince the large water sources of Mars. Even more, the images reveal traces of ancient rivers at hundreds of places across the planet. Today, water on Mars is present in the form of vapor in the atmosphere. As well as, water is stored deep inside in the form of ice sheets and lakes.

But the pebbles found in dried-up riverbeds offer essential hints about the presence of water on the Red Planet. Researchers estimate water flowed through the river channels at 3-20 kilograms per square feet. The team analyzed more than 200 ancient riverbeds traveling on the planet. Scientists discovered that the size of the rivers suggests the water was flowing persistently and not just at midday. Thus by analyzing the group of images captured by orbiting spacecraft, researchers are trying to solve a very tricky mystery. Edwin Kite, leading author of the study says it is challenging to describe water sources depending on the existing data. Kit added ancient Mars was wet enough for rivers some of the time. But the remaining data reveals the Red Planet was very cold and mostly dry.

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