Physical Activity Keep Your Minds Sharper And It May Prevent Dementia

There are millions of people in the USA who doesn’t involve that much into physical activities and those who exercise on a daily basis; there’s a piece of good news for them. Because in a recent health study it’s been found that those people who like moving from one place to another or exercises on a daily basis might have a sharper brain and such people are less likely to get suffer from memory deterioration problems like dementia. Many people have a doubt or question in their mind about can regular exercise help them reduce the problem of dementia? And this case study clearly says that physical is very much necessary to have a sharper brain and those people are less likely to suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. According to researchers from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago who did health study said that physical activity will always be useful for both people with and without dementia.

According to researchers, they started their study on 454 people in 1994, and they studied every activity of these people until they died. Most of those who volunteer were already in the late 80s or 90s, and these volunteers took the test regularly of their memory or thinking until they died. However, after the examination of these people researcher found that those people who did the regular exercise had more clear thinking and sharper memory than those people who did not do any kind of physical activity. When the volunteers died the researcher studied their brain and they found that more than 236 people died without dementia or 191 who had dementia. Experts think that people don’t need to engage in hard exercise nor they need to go to the gym to prevent dementia because even a simple type of activities on a daily basis can help people to sharpen their memory.

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