Pfizer is working on a vaccine to combat Amicron

Pfizer is working on a vaccine to combat Amicron


Concerns have been raised that the conventional vaccine may not be effective against the new type of coronavirus. With that in mind, Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, is working on a new version of the corona vaccine. Pfizer’s chief executive officer (CEO) Albert Borla made the announcement on Monday, local time. News AFP.

Borla told CNBC that tests on the effectiveness of conventional vaccines against amoebias have begun since last Friday. If at the end of the test it is found that the vaccine gives relatively less protection against the new type, then it means that a new vaccine needs to be developed.

The Pfizer CEO said a similar situation arose earlier this year. At that time Corona Delta type gave a big push all over the world. It was feared that the conventional vaccine would not work against Delta. Due to this, they made a new vaccine in only 95 days. However, it was not used in the end.

Borla called Pfizer’s current vaccine “very effective” against Delta. He hopes that by 2022, 400 million doses of the vaccine will be produced.

Meanwhile, Pfizer has recently introduced oral medications for corona treatment. Borla said he was “very confident” that the drug would work to treat other types of coronary heart disease, including amoxicillin.

Johnson & Johnson and Moderna are also working on vaccines against Amicron. On Monday, Johnson said they would move forward with the need for a new vaccine. Earlier on Friday, Moderna confirmed the creation of a booster dose against Amicron.

Amicron was recently identified in the African region. It is thought to be more contagious than all previous types of corona, including delta. The World Health Organization (WHO) fears that this new type could pose a major risk to the world. So far, 13 countries around the world have been diagnosed with the new type of corona, and more than 40 countries have imposed travel bans.

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