Payne is involved in the debate

Payne’s life is shattered


In an incident in 2016, just before the Ashes, Tim Payne of Australia has resigned from the captaincy. Not only did he atone for stepping down from the captaincy, he was dropped from the team. In 2016, Payne sent an obscene message to a female Cricket Tasmania player. That incident was then covered by Cricket Tasmania and Cricket Australia (CA). But News Corp. brought the news out. And that’s where Payne lost everything.

Meanwhile, Australian coach Justin Langer could not accept the treatment being meted out to Payne after the incident came to light. His idea is to go too far. Pain’s life has been shattered.

The Ashes is starting on December 6. At such a moment, losing one person who has led the team for three years is a big blow. In an interview with Fox Sports, Langer said, “I’m really sorry to hear that. He is one of my closest friends. I respect him very much. He is one of the few people I have met who is one of the best cricketers of this generation. He has been our captain for a long time. He and I went through a difficult journey with this team. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. So it’s nice to meet him (after leaving the captaincy). ‘

He had to leave the captaincy and lost his place in the team. But Pain’s problem didn’t stop there; It has also affected his personal life. His wife had to give a statement about this incident. The lives of the pains have changed. Langer is reluctant to target Payne and his family. In his view, society is treating Payne much more cruelly.

‘When I went to see him, it was clear that what had happened had ruined his life. He has been an example of Australian cricket for the last four years. His life has changed. But he has to ask how he is. It is important to meet him. We talk about watching our cricketers and supporting each other. So let’s go see him, that’s normal. ‘

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