Pakistan's Tehreek-e-Taliban withdraws ceasefire

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Taliban withdraws ceasefire


The Pakistani Taliban has announced the withdrawal of the ceasefire, accusing the Pakistani government of violating the terms. The leaders of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) announced a ceasefire with the government, mediated by Taliban members in Afghanistan, AFP reported.

In a statement, the TTP alleged that members of the Pakistani security forces had killed the TTP member. Through this, the condition of one month ceasefire has been violated.

A TTP spokesman said in a statement that it was “impossible” to continue the ceasefire. Now the people of Pakistan will decide who is not abiding by the agreement. Earlier, a senior Taliban commander in Afghanistan, a government official and a member of the security forces said the ceasefire had expired in early December but both sides had agreed to extend it. As a condition of the agreement, 100 prisoners were released.

Meanwhile, a government official in Peshawar said they were surprised by the TTP’s statement. The TTP assured members of the negotiating team that the ceasefire would be extended. In October, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan announced talks with the TTP.

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