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Jason Amato – Cheif Editor
Email: jason@dailyhover.com
Phone: +1(857)2390696

Jason had joined DailyHover.com since 2015. Along with being the chief editor of the company, he scripts an exclusive series of news reports. It is like, writing truthful and non-biased news has become an integral part of his life. The publishing relies on Jason, who offers transparency to news reporting and journalism ethics. He has a decade long taste of media industry and reporting. Those aspects assist Jason’s expertise in writing new from Business and Health sectors. The titles include reports related to companies like Tesla, Uber, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Alibaba etc. He has also focused on the latest happenings, discoveries, and studies taking place in the health sector. You can get him in touch with at

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Jordan Hayes – Editor
Email: jordan@dailyhover.com
Phone: +1(857)2390696

Jordan, an editor at DailyHover.com, is also a correspondent author. He has bestowed commentaries to various online podcasts from many years. Here at DailyHove.com, Jordan covers articles related to the technology field. He mainly targets new arrivals in the industry, various gadgets, games, gaming consoles, and much more. Jordan loves to cook food; he is also a veteran in preparing various types of dishes, including continental food. He has also participated in the Master Chef contest held at regional levels. You can get him in touch with at

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Stefen Marawa – Author & Contributor
Email: stefen@dailyhover.com
Phone: +1(857)2390696

Stefen is one of the finest and experienced senior content writer at Dailyhover.com. He writes about the science sector, including the latest inventions or space exploration. He keeps the updates about all the happenings, discoveries, and inventions taking place across the globe. In his free time, Stefen likes to read inspirational books and romantic love stories. He also maintains an independent blog where Stefen briefs his views, and expose the latest scientific inventions. You can get him in touch with at

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