Oppo Shows-Off A Smartphone with Under-Display Selfie Camera and a Seamless Display

Oppo Shows-Off A Smartphone with Under-Display Selfie Camera and a Seamless Display


Phone makers across the market are striving to rise with creative ways. The latest chapter of the competition is a notch-free display. Tech giants are trying to avoid the front camera notch and trying to use the pop-up camera. It has become a trend among Chinese phones to use a liftable camera. Most recent examples are Asus’ ZenFone 6, Vivo and Nubia. All those smartphones also have a secondary display on the back point at one point. The story doesn’t end here; now, Oppo has arrived with new wonders. The Chinese phone maker has developed an under-display selfie camera. It seems like; the company has discovered a non-mechanical solution.

The Chinese phone maker posted a video of the world’s first under-display camera on its official account. But Oppo has published the post without many particulars. The footage reveals the functioning of front-camera that doesn’t require a hole punch, a notch, or flip-up sliding system to offer a seamless display. Thus Oppo has rolled out a new form of front-camera designed into the screen itself. As per Oppo’s official post, it is a very first under-display selfie camera technology. The video showing off the new approach is also available on Weibo. The camera seems invisible in the posted video. The illustrator opens the camera app, and the screen apparently showed a live view of the room’s roof.

Just to add reliability to the video, the illustrator also waved a finger over so-called hidden camera. Oppo VP Brian Shen noted in Weibo post, having a non-mechanical front camera solution means there’s no visible loss. Besides, there is no need to worry about delicate parts. Shen said the company is still working in primary phases of developing an under-screen camera. The executive stated; currently, it is tough for under-display cameras to have features of ordinary cameras. But the image quality is quite less than that of existing methodologies. Before this, Oppo has made its way by developing a super-fast VOOC charging and magnifier zoom lenses. Oppo’s latest, The Reno, also offers a seamless screen. It has a selfie lens attached to a pop-up camera. Still, the Chinese phone maker has not revealed when a smartphone with an under-display camera will arrive in the market.

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