Once Again, SpaceX Delays the Launch of Starlink

Once Again, SpaceX Delays the Launch of Starlink


The first large batch of SpaceX internet satellites will have to wait for one more week to get into low-earth orbit. Elon Musk’s company has postponed a launch of Starlink scheduled for Thursday night citing software update. It’s like a new day, a new issue for SpaceX and its pioneer mission to launch a batch of internet satellites. The company scrubbed the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket from launch Cape Canaveral around two hours before the scheduled time frame. SpaceX announced the news through its official Twitter account. As per the tweet, the company has postponed the launch to update satellite software and intends to verify everything once again.

It is for the second time in two nights, Elon Musk’s rocket company has postponed the launch of the first batch of satellites. Before cancelling Thursday’s night launch, the company cancelled launch slated on Wednesday. At the time, the delay occurred due to strong wind in Earth’s atmosphere. Besides, SpaceX says the reason behind cancelling Thursday’s launch refers to reviewing the systems before launch. Now the company says it could try to launch 60 Starlink satellites in the upcoming week. SpaceX spokesperson tweeted they always want to do everything that they can perform on the ground in order to get the best outcome. By postponing yesterday’s launch, the company aims to maximise mission success.

SpaceX is a private U.S. company which ferries payload to orbit. It works for NASA and other private companies. It is a leading company in case of a private rocket launch. Apart from this, the company is rivalling with other competitors across the market to offer the internet from space. SpaceX’s current mission is to launch a satellite constellation in Low-Earth orbit. Musk said it could take around six launches and 400 satellites to enable internet service from space. Still, it will just have the potential to offer some primary connectivity to ground-based users. Musk noted dozen of launches would provide notable connectivity.

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