Omicron could be a warning WHO chief scientist

Omicron could be a warning: WHO chief scientist


Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO), said India also needed to be wary of a new type of coronavirus, Omicron. He fears the new strain could be much more contagious than the delta identified in India. The scientist advised to maintain the hygiene rules including wearing mask and vaccination to deal with the new type. Swaminathan said this in an interview given to NDTV.

A new type of corona was identified in South Africa last Tuesday. In addition to South Africa, new such findings have been made in Botswana, Israel, Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. The WHO has given a new name to the corona, ‘Omicron’. The company described the type as “worrying”. The idea is that it is far more contagious than all previous types of corona. However, experts have not yet confirmed whether the Omicron is more or less deadly than other types of corona.

Asked about comparing Omicron with other types of corona, Swaminathan said, “We need to do more research on new features.”

The most highly contagious delta species, recently identified in India, caused panic around the world. Swaminathan said Omicron could be much more contagious than Delta; However, it is not yet time to say anything definite about this. He hopes to know more about the Omicron type in a few days.

Scientists at the WHO think that a science-based strategy is needed to fight Omicron. Immunization and public health protection measures still need to be prioritized. Omicron can be a warning to maintain proper hygiene, he thinks.

Swaminathan thinks that the use of mask is very important to prevent corona. He says the mask is called a “pocket-carrying antidote” and is very effective. It is important to use a mask, especially if you are in a confined room. In addition, vaccination of all adults, avoidance of public gatherings, unveiling of new genomes and monitoring of abnormalities should be continued.

Swaminathan does not see the travel ban as an effective solution to the new type of identification. “We have to make decisions based on risk assessment,” he said. Corona could not be restrained by the earlier travel ban. ‘He thinks the travel ban should be temporary. The scientist also stressed the need for regular review of the decision to ban.

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