Omega do not wrestle for the time being due to injury?


A few days ago, Hangman Adam Page (Stephen Blake Oltz) became the new champion after defeating AW World Champion Kenny Omega (Tyson Smith) in one of the leading pay-per-view ‘Full Gear’ of All Elite Wrestling (AW). But after 348 days as champion, why did AW finally decide to lose Omega to Page?

What could be the reason behind the decision to replace Page, who has been Omega’s biggest star for almost a year now? Former New Japan Pro Wrestling champion Omega has reportedly suffered several injuries. That’s why AW has started making the new champion the biggest star of the organization. So not Omega, the main champion of AW is now Adam Page.

Omega has suffered several shoulder injuries. It is said that the condition of the injury is so bad that the 36-year-old star cannot carry heavy weight. Not only that, it is known that he has been suffering from ‘Vertigo’ since 2016.

To the person affected by the vertigo, it seems that everything around is moving, moving. Due to which vomiting often, hearing loss in the ears – some problems may also arise. Maintaining your balance and doing regular daily work is also a problem. The star has been wrestling with this problem for so long. You can go to the doctor’s table with the championship in your hands, you can stay out of the ring for several days, various wrestling related websites are giving such news now.

Meanwhile, reliable wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer told the Wrestling Observer Radio that Omega will seek medical attention on Wednesday with multiple problems. He will take treatment especially for multiple neck problems.

According to Meltzer, if Omega had wanted to rest for a while due to injury, the authorities would have accepted his demand. But Omega itself did not want that. Omega has fought to the fullest in order to establish her own friend, Adam Page, as the AW Champion, and to end the ‘program’ with Page. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
Not only Omegai, but also another AW star Eddie Kingston (Edward Moore) got injured after ‘Full Gear’. But like Omega, he may not be out of the ring. Kingston lost to CM Punk (Philip Jack Brooks) in full gear.

Chris Jericho (Chris Irwin) and John Moxley (Jonathan Good) have been AW World Champion before Omega. Omega became the AW champion almost a year ago after losing to Moxley. Earlier, he had won the ‘AW World Tag Team Championship’ with Adam Page at this organization. Omega is considered one of the best wrestlers in history. Omega has been voted the best wrestler of 2016 and 2021 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Omega is the one-time world champion, one-time intercontinental champion and two-time junior heavyweight champion for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Meltzer, a reporter for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter since 1982, has been rating wrestling matches around the world. He has a rating of five. The match that gets five out of five, the value of that match is the highest according to him. Meltzer’s rating has special value in the wrestling world.

Kenny Omega has given a rating of five or more in 16 matches. Except for Kazuchika Okada, 21, of New Japan Pro Wrestling, who is currently a regular wrestler, has never received five or more ratings in so many matches. According to Meltzer, some matches are so good that more than five ratings have come in those matches. The Okada-Omega matches are proof of that, with one match getting a rating of seven out of five!
That Omega may have to stay out of the ring for a while now.

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