With time we all have become addicted to social media and so this has become the best place for marketing anything and everything. Out of all social media websites, Facebook is the best place for marketing their products and services for the people all around the world using this social platform.
FACEBOOK found a new place to sell video ads, which is inside the messenger where users will find out auto play mode for all the video ads in their inbox. Facebook is not just a social media for getting updates about the world but also provides you day to day information of your surroundings; it not only connects you to your friends and family but also connects you from all over the world to keep u update from everywhere.
Messenger 1st started selling it adds 18 months back which was static ads, which was creating an intrusive feeling for users. This videos 1st viral over Thailand & Australia but later on, from 2017 onwards Facebook began to roll out ads in new places, like Instagram, Messenger Snapchat etc.
STEFANOS LOUKAKOS person who runs messenger ads business says – he is aware of this, the company will supervise user’s nature to regulate whether these ads turn people off or not.
LOUKAKOS even said that “Top priority for us is customer experience”.
Through FACEBOOK tries to earn money however he wants, but it’s ridiculous to plant its idea like this, to auto play video ads in our DMs which further makes using messenger slower, less smooth and frustrating.
This service is progressively taking a noticeable role in the ecosystem of FACEBOOK.
Bottom line: – Messenger users may have enjoyed mostly ad-free experience till now, but
Don’t expect that to last forever.
Facebook users don’t get irritated with this, we are thinking to get over it asap.

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