Novi is new digital wallet for Facebook

Novi is new digital wallet for Facebook


Facebook introduces Novi, the new branding and visual identity of the social network’s digital wallet built to email and save the Cryptocurrency Libra. “Calibra is now Novi,” said Novi ‘s head David Marcus in a tweet published May 26, revealing Facebook’s new visual identity multimedia wallet. Marcus said Novi upholds the dedication of Calibra, which is to “help people around the world access quality financial services.”

Novi corresponds to the Latin words “novus,” again, and “via,” by the way, according to Facebook, and according to the internet giant, Novi is a modern method of transmitting money with a different visual identity that reflects the wave of digital currencies. “We’ve also included in the company logo a reference to the Libra symbol to underline our contribution to the Libra network,” Marcus said.

The Novi digital wallet will allow users to use a separate app to transfer money, but will also be incorporated into Messenger and WhatApp. Also, when writing, receiving or removing money the company does not incur extra costs. Novi consumers will be checked by government detection and fraud prevention and connections to the customer support department will be given 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. Marcus suggested the addition of Novi as soon as Libra is available.

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