NitinPujari Helping the Poor on Children’s Day


NitinPujari of SalasarDham celebrated the child’s day with the less fortunate and desperate children in his city. He gave food and presents to the children in need and inspired others to help them. He reflects on the plight of the poor and the fact that young children can mature sooner than they are. NitinPujari says “These small and poor children learn the hard lessons of life at a very early age and do not insist on getting anything. Bringing smiles on the faces of these little children gives immense pleasure.”

The author further states that in addition to gaining inner joy and peace through helping the less fortunate and in need and disadvantaged, watching them smile could be a way to make the Gods smile.

NItinPujari adds that childhood is among the most fun and memorable times that we can have. However, these youngsters grow too fast struggling with the negative effects of poverty and forgetting to cherish the most wonderful days in their life. They aren’t playing with toys and gaining the smallest amount of happiness, these children are more focused about earning enough food to last their day. Sending a message to community,

NitinPujari says, “Helping those who are in need is the most that we could do as a way to fulfill our obligation and a duty to the community. It’s in the hands of the children that they must endure poverty. No child should be denied the fundamental right to food as well as shelter, education and, most importantly, happiness. If giving food or chocolate can bring happiness to the children, we, as the fortunate part of society must give back, without self-interest.”

Then, concluding his speech and wishing everyone a heartfelt “Happy Children’s Day!” he states “helping the poor and the less fortunate is not an act of charity, aiming to claim the good acts of charity.

In reality, it should be considered an ethical and moral obligation of all who are able to give it a go. It’s not required to invest a lot of money to make a smile appear on their faces. A small gesture of affection and kindness can make them truly satisfied. He is available to follow NitinPujari’s page through Instagram and Facebook for more inspirational tips.

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