Ninja and Shroud would have rejected millionaire contract with Facebook Gaming

Ninja and Shroud would have rejected millionaire contract with Facebook Gaming


Earlier in the week, a story surprised the world of video game streaming. Mixer , one of the three most famous streaming platforms currently with Twitch and Facebook Gaming and which is also owned by Microsoft, announced the cessation of its operations in addition to a surprising alliance with Facebook Gaming. This generated a stir because hundreds of streamers would be left without a contract in addition to saying goodbye to the platform where they became known and created their community. Despite this, there was another question that caused more stir. What would happen to the platform’s two best-known and most famous streamers?
We are talking about Michael “ Shroud ” Grzesiek and Tyler “ Ninja ” Blevins, both shooters streamers that belonged to Twitch but that a few months ago signed millionaire contracts to move to Mixer .

Well, everything seems to indicate that both streamers have flatly rejected a future contract with Facebook. Even, many reliable sources indicate that the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg would have offered a sum that ranges between 60 and 90 million dollars to have an exclusive contract with Ninja and 20 million dollars to have it with Shroud.

“Sources familiar with the deal informed me that while Facebook attempted to negotiate to keep its big partners, both Shroud and Ninja chose not to participate. They have received their full payments and until midnight yesterday they were free to enter into talks with other platforms. Game on ” At the moment, neither of the two streamers has spoken about their decision and they have not made the official announcement of an alliance with another streaming platform. Although, everything seems to indicate that both would return to Twitch.

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