New Zealand MP cycling to hospital with labor pains

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New Zealand’s Green Party leader and Member of Parliament Julie Ann Genter was preparing to be admitted to hospital for childbirth. He rode his bicycle to the hospital on Saturday night as his body felt a little bad. On the way, her labor pains started. That’s how Genter reached the hospital by bicycle. There she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. News Reuters.
A few hours later, Genter wrote in a post on his Facebook page, ‘Great event! At 3:04 pm, a new member of our family arrived. I had no plans to ride a bicycle with labor pains. But in the end, that’s what happened. ”
Genter, a New Zealand-US dual citizen, was born in Minnesota. He has been living in New Zealand since 2006.

Genter also wrote on Facebook, “By the time we left for the hospital at around 2 am, my condition was not so bad. However, the pain started two-three minutes after departure. The pain intensified 10 minutes after arriving at the hospital. ‘ He had to look like a father.

Genter is also the spokesman for the Green Party, his own party. He is already known as a cyclist. Her Facebook profile picture reads ‘I love bicycles’.

New Zealand is a country of 5 million people. The women politicians there are setting one precedent after another in the field of motherhood. Jacinda Ardern has given birth to a child after taking over as Prime Minister of New Zealand, taking maternity leave. He even made discussions about the child by attending a UN conference.

According to local media sources, MP Genter cycled to the hospital even before giving birth to his first child in 2016.

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