New Study Reveals Drinking Extensive Amount of Coffee Does Not Spoil Heart Health

New Study Reveals Drinking Extensive Amount of Coffee Does Not Spoil Heart Health


It’s a time to celebrate for coffee lovers. A new study, published on Monday, reveals coffee is not that bad for human’s heart. Thus people who drink as many as 25 cups of coffee a day don’t run at higher risk of cardiac arrest. Before this, some trials have recommended that coffee stiffens arteries. Blockages in arteries can raise pressure on the heart and increase chances of heart attack or stroke. But now it is clear that massive amounts of the caffeinated drinks will not clot arteries. It will not at all impose harm to the heart. Scientists have presented the study, partially-backed by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), at the British Cardiovascular Society Conference in Manchester.

Thus the new study, which included more than 8,000 people, has disproved previous studies tying coffee to poor health. For the trial, scientists divided candidates into three groups. The first group included people who drink less than one cup of coffee. The second one had those who drink between 1-3 cups per day. Lastly, the third group included people who have had more than three cups a day. Dr Kenneth Fung, the leading scientist of the study, said, the trial excluded people who consumed up to 25 cups per day. As per the author, the average amount of coffee candidates had was five cups within a day.

During the study, scientists discovered that even the people drinking more than 25 cups of coffee a day did not have a risk of a heart attack. Even more, the results were the same in the case of people who had less than one cup of coffee a day. Scientists also recorded heart conditions of candidates by heart scans and infra-red pulse wave tests. Prof Metin Avkiran, from the British Heart Foundation, said many contrary studies are revealing different facts about coffee. Thus it is difficult to conclude. Dr Fung, from the Queen Mary University of London, noted they would like to analyse these people more precisely to recommend safe limits of coffee.

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