New Hoverboard for Golf Courses Allows Golfers to Cruise Around Upright

The GolfBoard is a new kind of battery-powered hoverboard that is specifically designed for the golf course. Unlike a typical hoverboard, it has a handle and uses tires that offer sufficient traction on the turf of the fairway. Although the GolfBoard is not meant to be taken through sand or rough patches, it can easily maneuver along the curves of the fairway.


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The GolfBoard is far more compact and easy to store than a full on golf cart. It weighs just 125 lbs and is balanced for agility. Riding the vehicle itself is fun and adds to the excitement of playing golf. With a max speed of 10 MPH for commercial use and 12.5 MPH for personal use, the GolfBoard reduces a round of gold to an average of 2:37. It uses four-wheel drive to reduce turf wear and give added traction and support around corners and up and down hills. The throttle is located on the handle and controlled by the thumb. There are both forward and reverse capabilities, and even a max speed limit setting.


An automatic braking system is included with the GolfBoard that gradually decelerates and stops the vehicle when you release the throttle. A parking brake protects the board from rolling on steep hills.

A new hoverboard-golfboard

GolfBoard with stability bar and bag holder

Designed by surfing legend Laird Hamilton and fitness expert Don Wildman, the Golfboard is now available at over 200 golf courses worldwide.


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