New Etecsa offers for 4G navigation

New Etecsa offers for 4G navigation


Starting next June 25, customers who today use the LTE network – who have 4G coverage and enabled the service – will be able to enjoy new offers, which include more megabytes in existing packages, for the same price, and the inclusion of Better rates, reported Hilda Arias, commercial vice president of the Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba SA (Etecsa)

The first is the package of 1gb + 300mb of national navigation voucher, worth 4 cuc, and the second is 2.5gb + 300mb of national bond, for 8 cuc. These packages, clarified the directive, only work for the lte network. Likewise, the daily bag lte will be 200 mb for the same previous price: 1 cuc, he added.

In the case of the other existing offers for internet access, via mobile data, the Etecsa Commercial Vice President pointed out, lte bonds are increased without altering prices, in addition to keeping the national bond active:

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