NASA’s climate science program was axed by president Trump – House lawmakers decided to restore

Votes of US House of Representatives panel for restoring research program regarding the NASA climate change had axed quietly by President Trump’s government. The House panel observe the NASA approved the spending bill of 2019. The space agency has kept US$ 10 million for Earth Science budget for the monitoring systems and for the in-depth studies in climate change.
This project is resembling with their previous project NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) which was getting US$ 10 million annually to continue the program is closed by President Trump. Some people criticized the move.
Those researchers are well-known with the program, they understand its importance and also assume this money has saved to restore the CMS. Pontus Olofsson, Earth scientist of Boston University in Massachusetts wrote that it is great news, as we need this programs to investigate the carbon emission level. NASA’s CMS is research program and it will allow continuing its work.
Earlier, CMS funded research related with tropical forests for developing focuses on improvement of forests through United Nations REDD+.
NASA is increasingly focusing on monitoring Carbon Dioxide emission on Earth by investing in the Geostationary Carbon Cycle Observatory. This program is scheduled in 2020. The Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3 (OCO-3) was planned to mount on the International Space Station (ISS) in this year.
Philip Duffy, president and executive director of the Woods Hole Research Center located at Massachusetts said, its effective climate policies require to be accurate to measure greenhouse gas emission. He praised the bipartisan action.
The alteration in bill covered in the department of commerce, justice, and other several departments such as NASA. It was a bill of US$ 62 billion.
These votes were appealed by Representative John Culberson, chairman of spending panel which observes NASA. He mentioned that he is grateful to Representative Matt Cartwright that he suggested restoring these funds for the monitoring systems.
The bill will be now supported by the House and will be acquiescent with parallel bills in front of Senate before the Congress will complete action on the budget of 2019.