NASA sees strange phenomena in the sky, Suddenly, asteroid transformed into comet

NASA sees strange phenomena in the sky, Suddenly, asteroid transformed into comet


There are some new things occurring every day in the galaxy. But a few  Incidents lead scientists to worry more. One such incident has been seen recently in Space . Where unexpectedly an asteroid formed into a comet. According to the Astronomers, this is because of a change in asteroid behaviour.  Comprehensive research on this is underway NASA discovered an Aisa Wichiwatra asteroid during the same search. The surface is like a tail-star, rather than a hard rock. NASA has so far 40 Such asteroids were found.
This asteroid was named after sight of gas and dust LD 2019. This was first seen June 10 , 2019. Atlas saw it in July, again. Next one The tail of dust and gas was seen behind it, but then it went after the sun From the planet, but scientists did not have an chance to research it. It’s now on show Once again, by 2020. This asteroid has the body of a gas and dust with Were here for at leas. These asteroids orbit the Sun in the exact same direction as the earth.

You are Either 60 degrees ahead or 60 degrees behind their world. They are Named asteroids from Troy. Trojan asteroids can be heavy in ice Asteroids and comets form the Large numbers of asteroids which rock the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Several asteroids also cross Earth. Equally, comets are Made of ice, dust and gas and moving forward leaving behind a long tail They do.

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