NASA Scientists Try last time to contact Opportunity Rover on Mars

NASA Scientists Try last time to contact Opportunity Rover on Mars


Scientists have no contact with the Opportunity rover which is roaming on the Red Planet. The global sand storm on the red planet covered the solar panels of the rover, and that’s what discharged the batteries, that’s why the rover is not able to contact the ground control. The scientists were trying a lot to establish a downlink from the rover but failed. Now, after 15 years of service to the NASA, the Opportunity rover is assumed dead. But still, the scientists are attempting for the last time to contact the Opportunity rover. The ground control sends some commands to wake up and waiting for the reply from Mars.

Solar panels on the rover generated electricity from the sunlight on the mars, and that’s how the rover worked. But with the dust storm, the accumulated dust has lowered the electricity generation, and that’s what crippled the opportunity. Since the June 2018, the scientists were trying to send “Sweep and Beep” signals and trying to wake up the rover using the remaining electricity in the onboard batteries. But even after almost 600 wake-up signals and commands, it has not yet answered back.

Now, the scientists have sent the last command to activate the opportunity and activate the downlink to the ground center. As the mars are far away from earth, it’ll take nearly six hours to send the signal and six hours to receive the reply if there is any. The scientists sent the command to switch to the backup X-ray band and then reset the onboard offset clock. If onboard computers executed the commands, then we might see the rover back in action. Otherwise, it’ll be declared dead while on the mission.

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