NASA Found Asteroid Impact Crater in Greenland Buried Under Snow

NASA found an asteroid impact crater in Greenland a few months ago, and they’ve found another one in the same country. The impact crater was buried deep under the two-kilometer thick patch of snow in Northwest Greenland. According to the satellite measurements, the crater is nearly 33.5 kilometers wide and caused by an asteroid impact. As per the details shared by scientists, the crater was formed almost 2.6 million years ago and currently buried inside the thick patch of snow.

According to the scientists who published a report in Geophysical Research Letters said that if it is confirmed that the crater is formed due to an asteroid impact, then it would the 22nd most prominent asteroid impact crater on the earth. NASA and other agencies have already found more than 200 impact craters on the earth, but this is the second time any crater is hidden inside a thick patch of ice. First one was also found in Greenland under the patch of ice a few months ago. Such craters are called the subglacial craters and located under the ice glacier. The secondly detected crater is buried underneath the Hiawatha glacier.

After the discovery of the first crater, scientists started to analyze the nearby sites and satellite imagery of the area to find if any other craters can be found nearby. After a few months, geologists found this subglacial crater just 183 kilometers away from the first impact crater. All of the discoveries were made using the satellite imagery from NASA and Aerial footage from NASA’s Operation IceBridge fleet of airplanes. As both of the craters found in Greenland are very near together, geologists predicted the possibility of a binary asteroid impact and these two might be the twin craters caused by the collision of the same asteroid on earth.

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