NASA announces possible asteroid crash and prepares mission to protect Earth

NASA announces possible asteroid crash and prepares mission to protect Earth


As if that were not enough with the pandemic of the coronavirus in the world, now NASA announces a possible collision of asteroids that are destined for Earth. For this reason, the DART project that seeks to protect the planet is already underway . The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has warned of potentially dangerous asteroids that could target Earth, so with the creation of the DART project , to be tested in 2022, a way to redirect them is sought.

“DART is a first step in testing methods for the diversion of dangerous asteroids,” said Andrea Reyli, one of the executives for NASA’s DART program . He also noted that “potentially dangerous asteroids are a global concern, and we are excited to work with our Italian and European colleagues to collect the most accurate data possible from this kinetic impact deflection demonstration.”

With a name very similar to Dark, the series of the moment on Netflix , DART means Double Asteroid Redirection Test and will serve, as its name says, to redirect the trajectory of a small moon of the Didymos binary system, which is the size of a pyramid from Egypt. DART will be tested in 2022 with an asteroid known as Didymos, which is not considered a threat to the planet. The NASA , this new project will seek to redirect any large rock that threatens to collide with Earth.

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