Must Try Windows Apps

Must Try Windows Apps for PC


Installing apps is probably the first thing you’ll do after reinstalling Windows or buying a new PC. While there are many fantastic Windows programs, knowing which ones are essential for Windows 10 or Windows 11 makes installing a new system simpler.

Let’s go through 15 essential Windows apps that everyone should install right away in no particular order, along with some substitutes.

Google Chrome

As expected, Google Chrome continues to be our preferred browser. It is incredibly quick, offers useful features like the ability to immediately search Google Lens for an image, and has access to a huge selection of Chrome extensions. You can open tabs from your desktop computer on your phone and vice versa thanks to cross-platform syncing, which makes this a fantastic browser for all uses.

Despite this, Chrome has some drawbacks. The widespread tracking that Google conducts in Chrome is despised by many users and consumes a lot of RAM. The good news is that there is a tonne of other excellent browsers, including Firefox and Opera, that you can use.

Google Drive

Due to the amount of free space it offers, Google Drive is the cloud app service you should install if you can only choose one. It offers 15GB of free storage that you can use for Gmail, Google Photos, and other Google services.

You can take your files anywhere with Google Drive because it provides apps for all the popular platforms. The desktop app makes it simple to back up folders on your computer and external devices as well as files you put in the designated Google Drive folder.


It used to take hours to import and arrange your MP3 collection in order to listen to music on your desktop. The need to purchase individual albums physically or digitally is no longer necessary thanks to music streaming services.

Spotify is our top pick for Windows among the many kinds of music streaming services that are available. While Spotify’s free, ad-supported plan allows for unlimited music listening, there are a number of premium plans that are worthwhile for die-hard music fans. Additionally, Spotify offers millions of podcasts, consolidating everything into a single handy location.


Kodi on windows 8 and other windows allows users to play videos, music, pictures, games, and other content that is free and open-source software. Linux, OS X, BSD, Windows, iOS, and Android are all supported by Kodi. The majority of videos, songs, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media as well as the internet can be played and viewed using this program.


Due to YouTube’s widespread usage, you probably don’t watch local videos all that frequently. A dependable video player should still be kept on your desktop by anyone who needs to play media files locally. Even if you don’t immediately think to download it when you get a new computer, it will come in handy eventually.

Nothing beats VLC Media Player for this task because it has a tonne of features and can play almost every video and audio format imaginable. Give VLC a download while you’re configuring your PC even though you might not use it frequently. You won’t have to deal with QuickTime, which Windows no longer supports, or the hassle of fumbling with video codecs. Read more for audio visit: audiobook apps


ShareX offers a lot of capture options, a strong built-in editor, the ability to perform automated actions after taking a screenshot, and additional tools like a color grabber and ruler. All of these features are available with ShareX for no additional cost.

Give PicPick a try if ShareX overwhelms you. It’s a little less complicated, but the features are still there.


We’ve looked at some essential Windows applications that everyone should download right away, and almost all of them are free. If you don’t like one of our recommendations, it won’t be difficult for you to find a good substitute. The majority of people will benefit greatly from these programs and find them to be superior to the Windows default software.

Now that you are aware of the PC software that is essential, you should also be aware of the Windows programs that are unnecessary and should be uninstalled.

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