Mumps Outbreak in Los Angeles Jai, Hundreds Of Inmates Quarantined

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department is facing an acute mumps outbreak at one of its big jails. More than a dozen inmates have been infected by the mumps disease, which has led to the quarantine of hundreds of other inmates to prevent them from infection. Initially, one patient came to the medical authority of the jail with the symptoms and was being monitored at the Men’ central jail.  Around 18 inmates have been diagnosed with the disease until now. Medical authorities have secluded around 400 inmates and monitoring them, said jail authorities. The officials also have informed that inmate-visiting hours at Men’s central jail will be impacted.

Mumps outbreak will not affect the scheduled release of the prisoners, said jail authority. Sheriff’s personnel have been closely working with the Court of California-County Los Angeles to reduce the effect of the outbreak on court proceedings of quarantined inmates. Jail inmates will be allowed to contact their attorneys. The first infected inmate showed the sign of influenza illness and had swollen glands around the neck. Later medical staff diagnosed it as mumps. Almost 350 secluded inmates have been given the shots of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. More than 200 civilian staff assigned to the Men’ central jail were also given the shots of vaccines.

As per the doctors, the symptoms of virus generally show up after 16 to 25 days exposure. Swollen glands, fever, muscle ache, headache, and fatigue are common symptoms of mumps. Despite being vaccinated, mumps can reemerge; therefore, people are still vulnerable to the disease. Inmates and jail workers have been using protective masks to avoid the infection. Although vaccines have almost eliminated the disease in the US but it is still a matter of concern in some undeveloped areas. There have been many incidents of mumps outbreaks stateside. People will have to be quite vigilant to prevent the disease from spreading. There is no sure shot cure for mumps. The patients should take proper rest and drink plenty of fluids. Pain relievers can also be useful to subside the pain. Children below 16 years old should not be given painkillers.

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