Movpak’s Electric Skateboard-Backpack to Support Wireless Charging

Movpak, the hybrid smart backpack and electric skateboard, has been launched on crowdfunding platform Indoegogo just a few months ago and received great response from the backers.

Movpak Inc. has collected more than $237,000 to date – 413% of its initial goal. While backers may receive Movpak for $799 now, the retail price is expected to be much higher – $1200.

In addition to a broad variety of features, Movpak’s electric skateboard-backpack will support wireless smartphone charging, the company revealed in their latest update.

“Movpak is not only the first and best backpack electric transportation. But it also comes with many amazing features to make your day more comfortable and your commute a no-brainer. One of those cool features is the wireless smartphone charger attached to one of it’s pockets,“ the company said.

movpak-led-displayA few months ago, Movpak Inc. announced that its electric skateboard will feature updated LED display, making Movpak, electric skateboard that folds into a backpack, even more sleek.

The actual shipping date is yet to be confirmed, but according to Movpak electric skateboard should be available in early December: “We are pushing the shipping deadline from September to early December for the first batch and one month later for the second batch,” the company said.


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